Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Sh*t's F#cked Up

I injured my back about 3&1/2 weeks ago - a bulging disc, or so I'm told. It's taking its time getting better. I'm not accustomed to being this helpless and it's making me crazy, it's making Ms. Geranium crazy, and it isn't helping with the feelings of despair and worthlessness that accompany a fruitless job search. In addition, the constant pain is totally draining. I've had to have band mates move my gear for me, family members have done virtually all of the snow shoveling, the list is rather long. Then Ms. Geranium brought this book home from the library and it reminded me of the song Warren Zevon wrote after he found out he was dying. Things could be worse. Nonetheless, the shit that used to work won't work now. Most of us take good health for granted until we're forced to face some unpleasant circumstances. Fortunately for me, it looks like this will heal, but I'll need to get in the habit of some regular stretching and mindfulness regarding the things I do. Enjoy the cheerful video.


Beth said...

Dear Uranium,

I hope you feel better soon!

Here's hoping the snow MELTS soon.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Nothing like being out of work and sick to boot. I feel for you man.

Crayons said...

I'm so sorry that your sh*t is F++cked up. The pain of unemployment is bad enough, especially at our age. The added indignity of non-stop pain must be intolerable. It's great that you are able to let people do stuff for you.

Mindful breathing is an excellent strategy.

I'm sending you good thoughts.

Jess Wundrun said...

Do you need libations?

poodledoc said...


Hope you feel better soon. I can send Poodledoc, Jr over to help shovel snow if you like........