Sunday, February 15, 2009

A sign of the times.

Recently seen in our yard.

An anonymous art critic wrote "... clearly represents the elusive and fleeting nature of peace in a violent world..."

Another claimed "... signifies the artist's internal conflict over his/her latent Homosexual and Oedipal tendencies, while also drawing attention to the artist's fear of fluffy bunnies..."

A third said "... Dang! It's freaking cold out! Gods, I hate snow! When is spring going to come? I hope those stupid groundhogs were wrong! Hurry up and take the stupid picture! ..."

I just thought it was a cool picture. What do you think?

A tip o' the hat to Pagan Sphinx for her "Shadow Shot Sunday" blog posts, which have inspired me to pay more attention to shadows.


Suzy said...

NOW aren't you glad I bought that yard art? Very cool picture. I wish I had seen it in the flesh.

Oh, and you're not supposed to tell anyone about my fear of fluffy bunnies.

Anonymous said...

Very cool photo, Ed!


Pagan Sphinx said...

That's a nice one, Ed! I love shadow shots, as you know.

Best to you and Suzy.

Anonymous said...

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