Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another broken record

The Mighty Pack, still the only socialist team in major league sports, secured the 2nd seed in the playoffs with a 33-14 win over the
St. Louis Rams today. Thanks to Philadelphia, they have a shot at the top seed, although, in order for that to happen, Dallas needs to lose one game and the Packers need to win their last two. Probably the most notable event in this game was Brett Favre surpassing Dan Marino's record of 61,361 career passing yards. Favre now holds just about every record a quarterback can hold. Most consecutive starts by a quarterback (251), games won (160), career touchdown passes (440), pass attempts (8,715), pass completions (5,351), interceptions (438) and now passing yards (61,405). Pretty amazing.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

It's even more amazing when one considers he did all that while playing for a "small market" team. I doubt my Redskins will make the playoffs despite yesterday's win, so I'm rooting for the Pack to go all the way this year.

Ed said...

This is also the first season he has had more than one really good receiver to throw to. Just imagine what he could have done if he'd had better receivers his entire career.

Suzy said...

"Another broken record" ... I'm sorry, my first interpretation of that was, "Oh, Ed is so self effacing, acknowledging that he's posting about the Packers yet again..."

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