Thursday, August 21, 2008

New dog in the (extended) family

My sister-in-law just called to wish her sister a happy birthday. Ms. Geranium wasn't home, (no, we haven't hit the banks yet), so I took the message. She was calling from Minneapolis, where her son is living. The news from our nephew and his new wife is... they have a new dog. What kind, I asked. I'm not kidding about this next bit. A shihtz-poo (shih tzu poodle mix). I just looked it up on the internets, and the dog breeders call it a shih-poo, but I swear my sister-in-law called it a shihtz-poo. I like it.


poodledoc said...

I find it amusing that all these "designer dogs" have become the "thing". The puggle, the labradoodle, etc. People paying a large amount of money for a mutt. Seems like a bit of a scam to me. When there are so many dogs (mutts) at the Humane Society, ehy make more? But, for all I know, the dog you mention may have come FROM a Humane Society.

poodledoc said...

BTW, I like the new blog layout.