Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I got home today to find this truck parked on the strip of flowers Ms. Geranium plants next to the sidewalk every year. (I'm such a nice guy, I even blacked out his license plate to protect his privacy.)

When the dude returned to his truck, I approached him and pointed out that he had parked on our flowers. He wasn't very pleasant about it. In fact, he was downright nasty. If he had parked on them accidentally and apologized, I could have accepted that. People make mistakes. It turns out he saw them and just didn't care. So I called Charter and complained. It took about twenty minutes to navigate through their SVMS (Stupid Voice Mail System™) and speak to a human being. I had to pretend I was interested in switching to Charter before I could get anywhere. Somehow, I got the feeling they would rather not speak to their customers. Oh, I guess I'm not one of their customers. Whatever. I suspect those SVMSs are intended to make you give up, but I persisted and I'm sure that guy will never park on someone's flowers ever again. Yeah, right. I fully expect to get a brick through my window now.


Anonymous said...

Jackass! If you had let me out, I would have bit him!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Now you see why I hate Charter cable with the passion of 1000 white hot suns going supernova all at once.

Unknown said...

Well, good on you, then! Sometimes you just have to navigate the automated mess and register a complaint. Rude people need to be called out.

Would you come by my blog to accept an award? I'm not sure if you're into such things. I follow through on them because I think they're sort of fun. Kind of like getting a little certificate at school for being a good kid somehow! :-)Anyway if you're not into it; there's no obligation!


QuakerDave said...

What is it about cable companies? Why are they all run by twits, dolts, and knuckleheads?