Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice! Here are some wintry photos from last Friday after we got about a foot of snow.

In this photo, I'm looking for a place to put the snow that has my car immobilized. The darned plow could have plowed the snow toward the other side of the street where there is no parking, making it easier for people to shovel out, but no, they have to bury all the cars. I'm pretty sure they do it on purpose. It's two days later, residents have moved their cars to other streets that have been plowed clear, and they still haven't plowed away all the mountains of snow on our little street that are the result of having to dig the cars out. I think they're going to wait until people start parking on this street again so they can bury us all once more.
(Photo: Ms. Geranium)

Ms. Geranium using a shovel that isn't her not-so-trusty snow shovel (the stupid piece-of-crap plastic handle broke off of her shovel of choice.)

Sparkly Seacow questioning the legality of child labor, the valiant Molly at her side.
(Photo: Ms. Geranium)

Jen, our neighbor. Why aren't her kids shoveling?

Who can resist drawing in the snow? Certainly not Ms. Geranium.

Nor I.

Happy Solstice!


Suzy said...

Sloan and Jade were out shoveling at about 9 a.m.!

Ed said...

I stand corrected, but the question must be asked: what kind of messed-up person would be out shoveling snow at 9 a.m. on a snow day?

Anonymous said...

May I just say brrrrrr!

I remember those days of parking of the street and having to dig out and hope that the damnable plow wouldn't come around before I schlepped the three kids, diaper bags and snowsuits out to the car that was idling and polluting the air.

Ah, good times.

Happy Solstice to you! May the days now wax.

Suzy said...

7 to 10 more inches on the way. Woo hoo! DCup, I agree that the snow plows are damnable; I think they enjoy burying cars. I still love the snow. Call me crazy, I know.