Saturday, January 31, 2009

Appliances-SFB: Washed Up

Next up from the Appliances-SFB video archives is "Washed Up". For any music geeks reading this, in this song we get a little fancy-shmancy with a meter of 5/4 for most of the song and switch to a sort of swung 4/4 during the choruses. I always found this song to be a lot of fun to play.

Some of you readers have commented that I don't need to make excuses for the audio quality. Okay, I hear you. I guess I just wanted to make it clear that this is an old recording and I did the best that I could with the source material. In my opinion, the bass is mixed a bit too loud relative to the other instruments and the keyboard and guitar not loud enough, and this is not my doing. This is just the way the show was mixed when it was taped how ever many years ago it was. I wouldn't want anyone to think that because I was the bass player I made it louder than everything else. So. Enough of that. I won't mention it ever again. Happy?

Washed Up...

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gomonkeygo said...

I just made The Boy listen to this and without letting him read it, asked him what the time signature is. His instant reply: "That's easy, it's 5/4, just listen to the bass." I didn't expect to stump him because he's much more truly "musical" in a learned kind of way then me, but I'm still a bit surprised.

Great post; always loved this tune. And now I learned a little too. Thank you.