Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New song, someday

I started work on a new song today. I'm not going to say too much about it right now other than, if it ends up sounding as good in the real world as it does in my head, it should be fun. They never do, though. Or, they never end up sounding the same when they're done as they did in concept. They tend to take on a life of their own once I start to work on them. I don't have too much control over the finished product. At the rate things are going, it should be done by 2011, give or take. Hopefully, I will have solved the hosting problem by then. Unfortunately, I'm using new software (Logic,) due to the fact that the version of the software (ProTools) I had been using is now obsolete. Fortunately, it should be easier to learn this time around, but it is a more complicated program which should, ultimately, even though the learning curve is rather high, allow me to do more stuff more easily and with less expense. We'll see.


Crayons said...

Good Lord, Geranium,
This post is so dreadfully hypothetical. Will you or won't you complete the blasted song?

Whoops. Sorry. I was so amazed at your story of how you created the Moron piece. Really, really amazed. I'm excited to hear this new hypothetical piece.

You know, I want to send Moron to my nephew in Texas, but I don't know yow to grab it in cyberspace.

Artists and musicians make the world around.

Ed said...

Well, one never can tell. These things can take on a life, or death, of their own. Compound that with a musician who struggles with, well, issues, and there are no guarantees. But, really, are there ever?

I can email you a file that you can, in turn, email to anyone you like, or I can give you a CD. The CD would have higher fidelity, but almost no one can hear the difference and it's a hair (but a very thin hair) more fiddly.