Thursday, January 3, 2008

Winters of Yore

As you may have guessed from posts past, I love winter. I love snow, cold weather, everything. I love walking in it. I enjoy driving in it, ice skating and sledding. It has been a long time since we've had what I call a good winter. So far, this winter has been pretty good; as of early January, we've had more snow than has been the case for a number of years and, even though we've lost some of it to warm weather and rain, we still have a fair amount left. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to get a little skiing in this year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Here are a few photos from around the neighborhood.

A neighborhood street:

Railroad bridge:

The Yahara River, not far from our house, looking upstream:

The Yahara River, looking downstream:

John Greenler, a friend of mine, posted another photo of the Yahara River, maybe twenty miles downstream from where these were taken. He's a better photographer than I am.


Suzy said...

Last time I looked at this river there was a Dalmation splashing around in it and I was on my belly on the thin ice trying to haul her back in. I like your views of it better.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Great shots. I miss snowy winters.

Ed said...

Suzy: I was glad there was no dalmation rescue necessary.

Dr. MvM: You would be welcome to come and share our snowy winter. I just can't promise that it will stay snowy for very long.

poodledoc said...

Ed: I like the photos. I have a river that looks like that near my house, too!

And........I'm glad you like winter so much. I'll give you a call to help me shovel sometime. We can admire the river while we shovel. Whaddya say?

Ed said...

Sure, I'd love to help you shovel! Want to help me shovel, too? I don't have a river across the street from me, though.