Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New(?) friends.

I'd like to take a moment to introduce y'all to two additions to my blog roll.

First, there's Quaker Dave whose blog is called The Quaker Agitator. I've never actually met QD, aside from virtually, but I enjoy reading his blog. Many of you probably already read The QA, but I have been remiss in adding him. His blog is always worth a visit.

Second, we have Gomonkeygo with the blog The New Disease. Gomomnkeygo is an old friend who moved from Madison a number of years back and just recently stopped by here to say "hi." I knew him through both the local music scene and his younger sister, who was once a coworker of mine (cow-ork-er: |'kau ork er|; noun; a person who orks cow. [Sorry, I can't resist playing with words and pronunciation. I know, it's a bad habit, but I just can't help myself.])

So, if you're not already reading these two fine blogs, take a moment to visit them in your copious spare time.

And, to those of you whom I never introduced when I added you to my blog roll, please accept my most sincere apologies. I never even thought of it until seeing it done on other blogs.


quakerdave said...

Thanks for the kind words and for the linky love.

gomonkeygo said...

Thanks, Ed - I'll be doing updates this weekend myself. It's been a while since I introduced some friends myself.