Saturday, July 12, 2008

A strange dream

Photo: Anaheim Public Library

I hope this isn't irritating. I usually don't like to tell people about my dreams because I usually don't like hearing about other people's dreams. They tend to ramble on and on and don't have much meaning for anyone other than the dreamer (... and then the panda, but it wasn't really a panda, and I went down the hall and all the doors were locked so we rode the upside down porcupine cycle over to the squirrel dormitory, and there was this guy who was chasing me and he was wearing my pajamas, but I couldn't run because of the... okay, you get the idea). So, anyway, this is going to sound like a joke, but I really had this dream a little while ago and thought it was amusing (doesn't everyone think their own dreams are amusing?) but haven't gotten around to writing it down until now. I'll try and keep it brief.

It begins with me and two other people. I don't know who they were, so for the sake of this post I'll call them Guy and Dude. Guy is someone I know and Dude is a friend of Guy's. We're on a cross country bicycle trip. We're riding along and we come to a point where the path is blocked by numerous signs saying "Bike path closed". There is a woman who looks like a park ranger who appears and tells us we can't go that way and have to follow the detour signs.

We follow the detour signs, leaving Park Ranger Woman behind us, and eventually find ourselves at a dead end, kind of a box canyon sort of thing, cliffs on three sides, no way out except to turn back. We notice wallets littering the ground all around us, at which point Dude says "It's a trap! This is the place where the Democrats lure you so they can rape you and kill you!" I ask "How do you know they're Democrats?" Dude replies "If they were Republicans, they would have stolen the wallets, too."

Seriously, I really had this dream, exactly as written, to the best of my ability to remember it, but it sure sounds to me like someone made it up as a joke. I don't think I've ever had a dream with a punch-line before. The dream continued after that and turned into one of those nasty dreams where you know you're dreaming but can't wake up, but the part I wrote down was the good part.


Crayons said...

OK, well, to be honest, I don't really enjoy hearing other people's dreams. But this was so engaging, so 3-dimensional, and so humorous that I just kind of had to enjoy it.

The subconscious can have great wit, if only you are present to record it.

FranIAm said...

What a curious dreams. I do like hearing about them. I don't have a clue what your dream might mean, but I am glad that you shared this.

Fascinating and made me smile.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Ha! That's a clever little joke you dreamed up! :-)

I've had dreams where I'm reciting long passages from books, from memory and when I awaken I'm always curious if what I've been reciting in the dream is something really meaningful or just nonsense. Probably the latter.

Suzy said...

The other night I dreamed I was changing a diaper. What does it mean?

poodledoc said...

Wow, Ed, you dream about pandas, too? We must talk!

Did Park Ranger Woman resemble Ms Geranium?

i thought in your dream you would encounter a sign that said;
"It was Clinton's fault".