Friday, April 18, 2008

The Reptile Palace Orchestra: Harmony Bar, 4/19

Tomorrow (4/19) I will be playing with The Reptile Palace Orchestra at the Harmony Bar & Grill, 2201 Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI. Since both our "bassists" will be present, I'll probably be playing more Bulgarian tambura than bass. The Ashar Dance Company and El Genneyya Bellydance will be performing to several of our songs. When the bellydancers aren't out on the floor, odds are pretty good that a number of local folkdancers will be. I find that gigs at the Harmony are usually quite enjoyable.

Later the same day:
After reading the post above, Ms. Geranium (a.k.a. Luminiferous Ether) made a comment that went something like this: "You're going to play mostly tambura? That means no one will be able to hear you." (Believe it or not, sometimes we actually communicate verbally, rather than virtually.) She was, of course, referring to a previous performance when I made my debut on the tambura. I am taking steps to rectify that problem. It remains to be seen how effective those steps will be. The Harmony does have a very good PA system and a sound person, so that may help as well.


Cinderbelle said...

I wish I could've been there. How did it go? And you guys are playing some local gigs this summer, right? I miss dancing.

Suzy said...

It was great! You should have been there!

Jess Wundrun said...

You got a shout out on WORT - they even mentioned the belly dancers.