Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Voyage Home

I suppose it may have been a crazy thing to do, but rather than head north out of Pittsburgh, we went instead to Maidsville, West Virginia, about an hour south. Ms. Geranium and I have an old friend, Blanche, who lives there and it was her daughter Coretta's 20th birthday. We've visited Blanche and family quite a few times over the years and Cinderbelle and Coretta have become good friends. Lunch and birthday cake were offered. How could we refuse?

Blanche lives on the top of a mountain outside of Maidsville, in a house built by her ex-husband, before they were exed. The mountain was given to her ex-husband's family by one of the Kings George sometime before the American Revolution. I wonder how the Native Americans felt about that? Anyway, the property has been in the family for 250 - 300 years or so. Blanche will continue to live there until their youngest finishes school, then the property reverts back to her ex's family, who already have agreed to sell it to a power utility who will then rape the land as they have done to almost everything else in the area. Coal country. Tragic, if you ask me.

The road to Blanche's house.

One of Blanche's goats.

Lunch was lamb chops from sheep raised by Blanche. Yum. We got the last of them, since Blanche is taking a break from raising sheep. Followed by birthday cake, of course.

L-R: Blanche, Cinderbelle, Coretta (the birthday girl) and Ry, who, at 15, has become an excellent bassist.

After cake, we said our goodbyes and hit the road. Next stop: my brother's house in Okemos, Michigan.

We got to Okemos pretty late, about 11:00 pm. We stayed the next day for breakfast and a game of Skip-Bo.

My brother Brian (center), his sons Nolan (left, with his duck) and Albie (right) and Cinderbelle's hands (no cheating!) Albie and Nolan are both gifted musicians and we were treated to a bit of their playing both times I (we) stopped.

Then on toward home.

Approaching Chicago from the southeast.

You know those metal and plastic boxy thingies on the road? I think they're called automobiles? They were invented to move people and their stuff from point A to point B faster than a person can walk. Except in Chicago.

The driver of the Saab directly ahead of me is one of those, pardon the expression, dickwads who thinks she's so important that she drives on the shoulder of the road so she doesn't have to wait her turn like everyone else.

A welcome sight.

Almost there.

Home at last.

I hope that wasn't excruciatingly dull. I'll make up for it on my next post: pictures from my colonoscopy.


Crayons said...

Hi Geranium
I really enjoyed this story. The detail about the mountain is just singular. I'm glad you made the trip into something kind of fun and memorable. The last one of Cinderbelle and Dog is really sweet.

Technicality: Can we refer to a female driver of a Saab as a "dickwad"? I think you may have mixed metaphors.

Ed said...

Well, Crayons, that technicality did occur to me as I was writing it, but I decided to let it stand for the following reason: as I watched the aforementioned Saab approaching in my rear view mirror, passing cars on the shoulder, I thought "what a dickwad!". Then, as she passed me, I saw that it was a woman driving, rather than the man I assumed that it was. Thus, since her behavior was totally dickwadish, I think that makes her a dickwad, regardless of her gender. I suppose I could be wrong. Again.

Suzy said...

Wish I'd been at the birthday party.

Crayons said...

I guess that linguistic transgression fits in with the trend toward gender-neutral haircuts, piercings, clothes, shoes and bicycles. Thanks for the clarification. I'll start making good use of my new-found freedom.

FranIAm said...

That looks like a fine trip indeed. And what a fun party!

Great photos and I felt like I was with you on the journey.

Excellent post!

Jess Wundrun said...

ed, I have tagged you

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for the update on the excellent adventure. I love your dog's eyes in that photo you took of her and Cinderbelle, they glow green when you click on the photo.

Ed said...

Suzy: We wished you were there, too. We even tried calling you for the singing bit, but you weren't home.

Crayons: I don't think you need to follow my lead on this one, but I just felt it was an "if the shoe fits" sort of situation. By the way, don't you think anyone who drives a Saab qualifies as a dickwad? I guess I know one or two Saab drivers that don't fit that description, but they may be the exceptions that prove the rule.

Franiam: Thanks! I was worried it was a dull post for anyone who didn't know the parties involved. You are too kind.

Jess: Tagged I am. This one doesn't look too difficult. I think I can manage it.

Dr. Monkey: Thanks. I, too, liked the glowing eyes. That was one of the reasons that photo made the final cut.